Amsterdam 2019

Redesigning Europe & connecting generations

In April 2019, CoE will host its first General Assemblee, kicking off our Tomorrow’s Europe initiative. Months before the citizens of Europe will elect the new European Parliament, we will unite the most creative, visionary, forward thinking minds of Europe to lay a new foundation for our continent in the 21st Century. The event will be followed by an ongoing series of events and citizen initiatives across the continent.

One is as great as his/her contribution to future generations. Therefore, the Congress of Europe will invite today’s great thinkers and leaders for a dialogue with (high school) students. We invite them to inspire, to teach and council, but above all…to listen. Because it is their future which lays in our hands. On the last day of our Congress, high school students from the Netherlands will be at the center of the debate, to kickstart a new European dialogue.

More information on the program will follow soon.