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The Congress of Europe

The Congress of Europe (CoE) is an independent pan-European initiative dedicated to develop new leadership for an open, inclusive European society.
We live in a time of great social challenges. Europe faces a migration crisis, an economic-monetary crisis, an inequality crisis, a slowly awakening energy crisis and a fading trust in democracy and each other. The future remains uncertain and spreads fear throughout society. The CoE was founded in answer to the rise of various destructive (political) movements all over Europe. If we do not want destructive demagogues to take the helm, we need to develop new inspiring visions and new leadership. The Congress of Europe project is dedicated to this task, and it takes a leading role in developing the next generation of responsible European leadership. As a truly pan-European central hub for a continuous and responsible dialogue on the future of Europe, we regularly host congresses and organise events across the continent, we develop new networks and support various citizen-initiatives.
The Congress of Europe is independent from any existing political party, project or EU body and open to citizens and leaders from all stripes and colours.

Our team

Victor Broers
Victor Broers Founder

Victor Broers (LLM) is a public thinker, speaker and writer in the field of leadership, European affairs and inclusive economics. Broers founded the Congress of Europe in his dedication to creating an open society of peace, mutual trust and prosperity in Europe. For more info he invites you to visit www.victorbroers.com.

Marcella Mul
Marcella Mul Project director

Marcella Mul studied Italian Literature and Language at the University of Amsterdam and the Università per Stranieri in Perugia. Mul is particularly interested in Europe's cultural heritage, and with her talents as project director she dedicates herself to preserving the beauty of Europe for future generations.

Luuc Brans
Luuc Brans Communication

Luuc Brans MSc is a political sociologist and tutor at the University of Amsterdam. Having worked and studied in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Berlin and Luxembourg, Luuc is a committed Europeanist and happy to contribute to a new dialogue on Europe. Read more on luucbrans.nl

Alexander Muskus
Alexander Muskus Project/event manager

Alexander Muskus studies European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, pursuing a major specialization in Eastern European Studies. As a committed Europeanist, Alexander dedicates his academic and working career to European issues, having studied and worked in various European cities, such as Stockholm, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. Ultimately, his aim is to further educate people on matters concerning the future of Europe.

IJsbrand van Veelen
IJsbrand van Veelen Event&Media Productions

IJsbrand is co-founder and director of de Denkfabriek. He breaths out-of-the-box thinking and is one of the driving forces behind our creative team.

Joep Beijst
Joep Beijst Arts & Education

Joep Beijst (MSa) is a Dutch history teacher and artist. He is co-founder of Roma Aeterna. In both his teaching and his creative art work, Joep is dedicated to contribute to a meaningful dialogue about what it means to be European.

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